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Evangelion finds unusual partner in Rody franchise


The ever-inventive minds behind the Evangelion anime franchise are teaming up with the Italian maker of Rody toy horses to offer cute plastic ponies with an apocalyptic edge.

Following previous cross-marketing efforts that included hooking up Evangelion to the Hello Kitty franchise in February, toymaker Bandai Co. is now taking orders for Evangelion-themed Rody ponies on its Premium Bandai online shopping website.

Four designs are on offer featuring a purple Evangelion Unit 01 robot pony, as well as white, red and pink horses featuring the anime series’ main characters, Rei, Asuka and Mari.

The products are smaller than regular Rody toy horses and each has both Rody and Evangelion logos.

The products were developed in collaboration with Italian manufacturer Ledraplastic SpA, which has been making Rody ponies since 1984.

The "Evangelion" film series revolves around giant humanoid creatures fighting big monsters, and Japan is now gearing up for its latest iteration, titled "Q," which is slated to hit cinemas in the fall.

Ponies bought from the Premium Bandai or the Evangelion Store Tokyo-01, which opened in Tokyo's Harajuku district in 2011, will come with a special poster. Each product is priced at 3,990 yen ($49) including tax and will be delivered from July.

Visit Bandai Premium's website at (http://p-bandai.jp/chara/c0035/item-1000015747/) or the Evangelion Store at (http://www.evastore.jp/real/index.html).

Translated by The Asahi Shimbun from the website of Anime Anime.