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Hands off My Nakama, Dweebenheimer-kun: Approaches to Translation

This image, created in the Comipo 3D software (likely as part of an anonymous argument on 4chan), is a half-parodic, half-serious look at the way people translate typical anime dialogues.

[ 2012年10月19日(金) 13時47分 ]
Necomimi Pop Cultural Invasion: Well, Maybe

So a week or two ago I saw this picture of famous American news anchor Anderson Cooper wearing a pair of robotic cat ears.

[ 2012年10月10日(水) 14時46分 ]

I'm taking my recent trip to Otakon as an excuse to talk generally and specifically about the American anime convention, as I spent a lot of time doing when this column first started.

[ 2012年10月3日(水) 12時00分 ]
The Kickstarter Returns: Masaki Yuasa, Production IG, and Kick-Heart

Kickstarter just keeps coming up in our otaku corner. Last time it was with Digital Manga Publishing and their Tezuka line. This time it's Production IG and famous animator Masaki Yuasa.

[ 2012年10月2日(火) 13時12分 ]

Masao Maruyama (former Madhouse producer, now with Mappa) is actually called honorary staff at Otakon, because he makes the trip out nearly every year. He's built up a reputation.

[ 2012年9月30日(日) 16時28分 ]

I wasn't going to drop by this panel, but at the end of the Q&A with Hidetaka Tenjin he told us that they'd be playing Macross Frontier footage that's never been shown to the public before.

[ 2012年9月26日(水) 11時35分 ]

For my buddy Carl and I, one of our ongoing missions at Otakon was to spread the good word of Japanese mahjong. It's a job we've taken upon ourselves.

[ 2012年9月21日(金) 12時17分 ]

The best news of my weekend came when we were already in the car driving back home. On Sunday, as the convention shuts down, a lot of people sneak out of Baltimore before the con is properly finished up with closing ceremonies around 3 PM.

[ 2012年9月20日(木) 9時50分 ]

When I started writing this article it was going to be about what a great idea it would be to run the upcoming Madoka movies in the States... and then it came out that this was actually going to happen.

[ 2012年9月18日(火) 12時07分 ]

There had been a collective awkward silence at the Satelight panel back at Otakon when the representative mentioned that the crowd cheered for Macross Frontier footage...

[ 2012年9月15日(土) 11時22分 ]

If you were on the watch for wellsprings of otaku culture popping up in America (it's kind of my job, after all), a new maid cafe just opened up.

[ 2012年9月11日(火) 12時00分 ]

It Would Be Really Terrible To Ride on A Rocket Punch: Hidetaka Tenjin Q&A At Otakon

[ 2012年9月5日(水) 11時51分 ]

I mentioned before that usually you have to line up for the major events and popular panels at least an hour in advance, and I especially assumed this to be true for game/anime screenwriter Gen Urobuchi.

[ 2012年9月3日(月) 14時19分 ]

A while back, podcaster (http://bit.ly/cBRB9M) and buddy Daryl Surat talked about his trip to Sakuracon in Seattle, Washington. Present was Madhouse director Yoshiaki Kawajiri: he's responsible for Ninja Scroll

[ 2012年7月21日(土) 10時46分 ]

A couple of days ago, I went over to see my good buddy Carl; on business, of course. After a little small talk, we sat down and got to work.

[ 2012年7月20日(金) 12時45分 ]

as we've talked about in this very column, JManga is by no means the first bold, direct entry Japanese publishers have tried to make into the English-speaking market.

[ 2012年7月19日(木) 12時03分 ]

I often mention here that I, and all of my geek friends, are moving away from owning physical goods and towards having all of our entertainment

[ 2012年7月18日(水) 13時02分 ]

I'm suspicious. Forgive me for saying that straight out of the gate on a new US anime effort, but I'm suspicious. I am suspicious of Viz's new streaming anime channel, Neon Alley.

[ 2012年7月16日(月) 23時29分 ]

We talked about Kickstarter at this column recently with the Tentacle Bento story. The website is in the business of helping all sorts of commercial projects get direct funding

[ 2012年7月12日(木) 16時33分 ]

Let's follow up on the Neon Alley news. A live channel, in this day and age of DVRs and on-demand TV and the Internet?

[ 2012年7月9日(月) 9時32分 ]

I'm imagining a middle management guy paging through the records at some huge company and coming upon a particular folder. Imagine this with me.

[ 2012年7月3日(火) 13時12分 ]

When you ask “What's doing well in anime/manga in America?” people will gladly tell you that the big two Shonen Jump titles-- Naruto and Bleach-- are more popular here

[ 2012年7月2日(月) 16時41分 ]

As I mentioned in one of the earliest NY Otaku columns, I like to hunt for unusual items at my local Book-Off. Usually I come up empty, but today I found just one such item,

[ 2012年6月30日(土) 10時15分 ]

Watching Toonami a while back reminded me of endless conversations with friends: “What would it take to get a new hit anime in America?”

[ 2012年6月26日(火) 0時56分 ]

A very small portion of the American anime fanbase rejoiced this past week, as Discotek (the small company putting out Samurai Pizza Cats, from a previous post

[ 2012年6月23日(土) 23時54分 ]

“Of course!” I thought to myself when I woke up today. “How have I not talked about Street Combat yet?” That's just my mind, okay?

[ 2012年6月22日(金) 13時55分 ]

I watch videos on Nico every once in a while, and I often notice the ads for the Weiss Schwarz card game. Every few months a new popular series gets added to the game,

[ 2012年6月21日(木) 11時20分 ]

Since we talked about Yugioh, Pokemon, and the kids' anime boom, it's tough not to talk about 4Kids. This is the company that took a chance on the Pokemon anime in the late 1990s

[ 2012年6月20日(水) 13時30分 ]

I think it's time to talk harshly about the Cool Japan idea again. Not because we enjoy it, but because it is necessary. I'll teach you an American slang phrase in exchange. “Real talk.”

[ 2012年6月15日(金) 22時33分 ]

I don't know how it is in Japan, but here in the States, the whole idea of packaged video appears on the way out.

[ 2012年6月14日(木) 18時29分 ]

My friends and I often say to each other that it's a wonderful thing we weren't born ten years later, in the age of Youtube, because kids like us would have shared a million awful videos

[ 2012年6月12日(火) 11時33分 ]

In the old days, when people were trying to figure out just what to call the stuff these tapes they got from Japan,

[ 2012年6月11日(月) 11時28分 ]

Have you guys heard the Animetal USA album? (http://animetalusa.com/) It's been a while since it came out, but it's really impressive!

[ 2012年6月8日(金) 10時59分 ]

I've talked before about how Japanese anime-- especially the kids' stuff-- is often cut, changed and censored before it's brought before American kids. Cultural differences and all that. Millions of kids

[ 2012年6月6日(水) 0時41分 ]

In the previous article on the word “Glomp” I painted the open floor of the anime convention as a place where one runs the risk-- however small-- of being tackled to the ground

[ 2012年6月4日(月) 23時12分 ]

If you went ahead and read KC Green's “The Anime Club”, you might have gotten the idea that every gathering of anime geeks in America

[ 2012年6月2日(土) 12時22分 ]

Last Saturday night, I plopped down on my couch at midnight, put on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, and got ready for Toonami.

[ 2012年5月31日(木) 10時25分 ]
KC Green's “The Anime Club”

I'd been thinking about it for a while: is there a Genshiken or a Otaku no Video for the American otaku; an biographical work for the subculture

[ 2012年5月29日(火) 10時09分 ]

In order to explain this story, I had to explain Power Rangers before. And Doozy Bots! Well, I was setting up for this story. It's a big one.

[ 2012年5月27日(日) 13時00分 ]

When we started this column, I got the go-ahead to do articles on SFX stuff. I do watch Kamen Rider and sentai, but as far as American fans go,

[ 2012年5月25日(金) 11時22分 ]



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